Haslam, other GOP govs seek meeting with Trump

Gov. Bill Haslam and a small group of other Republican governors are trying to set up a meeting soon with Donald Trump to talk about state and federal issues, according to Richard Locker.

“As governor I interact with the federal government all the time and there’s issues that really matter and there are things that I know that I didn’t know before I came into this office (in which) the perspective of the federal government matters. Obviously everybody looks at things like legislation and who you appoint to the Supreme Court and things like that — but who you put into (federal) departments and the philosophy of those departments really matters as well,” the governor told reporters after a Memorial Day weekend ceremony. “I think it’s probably underestimated both by people who are running for office and the rest of the citizens.”

…he governor and his colleagues and the Trump campaign are working on a date, probably in New York and preferably, he said, prior to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, which takes place July 18-21.

“It will just be a group of governors who want to express things that we think are important from a state standpoint in dealing with the federal government,” Haslam said. “If he is obviously now going to be the nominee of our party, we think it’s really important that he hear those issues. And of course we’d like to hear some feedback from him on things that matter to us. Obviously education and health care are at the top of that list.”

Haslam said the uncertainty over a date is because Trump and the governors all have busy schedules.