Corker talking foreign policy with Trump; silent on VP prospects

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker says he’s talked at length over the phone with Donald Trump about foreign policy and thinks Trump is bringing realism and maturity to the foreign policy conversation, reports the Times-Free Press.

Speaking at the Chattanooga Downtown Rotary Club, Corker would not say what he’d do if asked to join the presidential ticket. He said he cherishes the work he is doing now as chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, but added that if asked, he’d consider the impact he could have in the post.

…He urged those gathered to demand that the presidential candidates discuss their plans to deal with the country’s debt, the economic situation and how the nation is going to relate around the world.

Corker said candidates will not bring up the financial system on their own, but called it the “No. 1 threat to our nation’s future.” He called what he and fellow senators do on the budget committee “a total hoax,” saying about 75 percent of the budget each year is distributed on “autopilot.”

“It’s a joke,” Corker said.

He hopes this presidential race will provide a path allowing the country to move forward, specifically citing the need for reform in the country’s entitlement program.

…When asked if he wished he had run for the Republican nomination, Corker said he does not regret staying out of the presidential race.

“This year was not the right time for a person like me,” he said, and reiterated that he plans to support whoever is chosen as the Republican nominee.