Appeals court splits along racial lines in racial assault case

From a News-Sentinel report:
Viewing the same video and reading the same facts and testimony, two Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals judges, both white, saw Stevean Wilson, a young black man, as a remorseless, violent gang member who deserved prison in a fight at a Knoxville restaurant captured on video.

But a third judge on the panel, who is black, saw a largely law-abiding young man labeled with scant proof a gang member who should have garnered probation.

In a 2-1 split, Appellate Judges Robert W. Wedemeyer and Norma McGee Ogle in an opinion made public this week upheld the six-year prison term Wilson garnered in the videotaped beating, while Appellate Judge Camille R. McMullen issued a dissenting opinion.

Note: The majority opinion is HERE; McMullen’s dissent HERE.