Haslam lets ‘cumbersome’ and ‘confusing’ bill become law

Gov. Bill Haslam has refused to sign a bill revising the state’s storm water drainage rules because of environmental concerns, but will let it become law anyway.

Here’s text of his letter on the matter to Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and House Speaker Beth Harwell, as provided by the governor’s office:

Lieutenant Governor Ramsey:

I am letting Senate Bill 1830/House Bill 1892 become law without my signature.

I have concerns about the potential impacts of this legislation and the limits it places on the State’s ability to protect our water resources adequately. In addition, the bill imposes on local governments a cumbersome procedural mechanism that will cause confusion for those communities as they seek to implement required storm water pollutant removal programs. I am concerned that some of the ambiguous and confusing language of the bill could lead to costly litigation. As Governor, I am a strong proponent of economic growth and development, but I am equally committed to ensuring that we protect Tennessee’s air, land and water resources for today and for future generations of Tennesseans.


Bill Haslam

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