Some TN political junkie weekly reader suggestions

Parkinson profiled
State Rep. Antonio Parkinson, D-Memphis, a former Marine willing to “go a little bit extreme,” is the latest legislator to become the focus of a Sam Stockard profile story, HERE.

Ketron, hermaphrodites and the bathroom bill
Citing a comment from Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron, Tennessean columnist David Plazas opines that “the bathroom bill is about allowing legal discrimination against people whom bill defenders find repulsive.” HERE. And there’s Betsy Phillips’ post on the same comment, under the headline “My God, What Kind of Carnivals Was Bill Ketron Going To?”

The comment they’re talking about, btw, is this line in the Daily News Journal a part of a report on the Senate Republican Caucus chairman’s remarks to a GOP gathering. When asked after the meeting about students born with both sex organs, Ketron recalled being at a carnival when he was young and seeing a hermaphrodite who repulsed him.

Hypocritical legislators?
Robert Houk says the legislature is full of hypocrites.HERE.

Laughingstock legislators?
First paragraph of a Keel Hunt column: As our state legislature stumbles to adjournment this week, we can now take the full measure of what this gang on the hill considered important and the laughingstock their choices have made of Tennessee. The full column, <a href="“>HERE.

Mischievous TN GOP delegates?
Frank Cagle ponders the possibilities of mischief at the Republican National Convention with a dump Trump effort underway. One of his notes: The people who ran as delegates in Tennessee signed an affidavit to comply with state law and vote for their candidate on at least the first two ballots. But the people who have been assigned as delegates by the state party have not signed such an affidavit. It’s HERE.

Haynes for mayor?
State Republican Chairman Ryan Haynes gets mentioned as a possible candidate for Knox County mayor two years from now in a roundup report on the prospects by Betty Bean. He doesn’t say no; only that it’s “way premature” — and he’s flattered to be mentioned. (The other prospects aren’t well known outside Knox County). HERE.

A dissenting opinion on previous post
The anonymously-authored Rocky Top Politics blog bashes yours truly at some length by name for a recent Sunday column on the appointment of delegates to the Republican convention — “a rather feeble and contorted attempt to defend the indefensible,” it’s said. The post is HERE. It doesn’t link to the actual column (HERE) or to a follow-up post, HERE. But my name is spelled correctly and it’s got a clever headline.

Historic Ignorance
George Korda laments historically ignorant Americans, HERE.