Haslam hearing from bathroom bill critics; not so much from supporters

Gov. Bill Haslam said Wednesday he’s getting telephone calls and emails from corporate executives concerned about the transgender bathroom bill, but he hasn’t heard from parents and school administrators telling him that there’s a problem that demands such a legislative action.

Further from the Commercial Appeal:

(Haslam) said he’s also concerned about the loss of federal funding if the bill passes — a threat cited by the state attorney general given the U.S. Department of Education’s view that such actions are discriminatory against transgender students.

“Personally, I am not hearing about problems out in the districts. I’m hearing that our school boards have figured out how to adjust to each situation that arises, and to date I’m not hearing parents say we have problem in our schools today,” the governor told reporters after announcing South Korean tire manufacturer Hankook is relocating its North American headquarters to Nashville.

(Note: Press release on 60 businesses writing a letter to oppose the bill is HERE.)

…Haslam said he’s already heard from some of the executives (writing the letter) and will take their views into account as he considers whether to sign the bills into law, veto them or allow them to become law without his signature.

“Obviously you have to look at both principle and economics and that’s my role as governor. … My job as governor is different from the legislators. They represent their districts. I have to represent all 6.6 million Tennesseans and come to the best decisions I can.”

(Note: Press release on 60 businesses writing a letter to oppose the bill is posted HERE.)