TN delegates to Democratic National Convention

News release from Tennessee Democratic Party
NASHVILLE, TENN. (Apr. 11, 2016) – On Saturday, the Tennessee Democratic Party Executive Committee convened at IBEW local 429 to elect At-Large and Party Leader/Elected Official (PLEO) Delegates to send to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia this July.

By the conclusion of Saturday’s Executive Committee meeting, 25 At-Large, PLEO and At-Large Alternate Delegates were selected to join the 44 District Delegates and 4 District Delegate Alternates elected earlier this year.

The names of all Tennessee Delegates that will be attending the Democratic Convention are below.

Katie Cowley (Sanders), Mark Harmon (Sanders), Florence Howard (Sanders), Kevin Huddleston (Sanders), Ramon Ryan (Sanders), London Lamar (Clinton), Don Farmer (Clinton), William Freeman (Clinton), State Rep. Harold Love, Jr. (Clinton), Victoria Menz (Clinton), Adrienne Pakis-Gillon (Clinton), Lisa Quigley (Clinton), Gerard Stranch, IV (Clinton), Barbara Wagner (Clinton), Edward Byron Elam (Sanders Alternate,) State Rep. Raumesh Akbari (Clinton Alternate)

Executive Committeewoman Allison Brownlee (Sanders), State Rep. Karen Camper (Sanders), State Senate Democratic Caucus Leader Sen. Lee Harris (Sanders), Mayor of Nashville Megan Barry (Clinton, Mayor Chattanooga Andy Berke (Clinton) Chairman, Tennessee Black Caucus of State Legislators Chair Rep. Brenda Gilmore (Clinton), Mayor of Clarksville Kim McMillan (Clinton), Mayor of Knoxville Madeline Rogero (Clinton), State Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Sen. Jeff Yarbro (Clinton)

Bradley Batt (Sanders – CD1), Karen Robbins (Sanders – CD1), Christopher Ball (Clinton – CD1), Lori Love (Clinton – CD1)

Thomas Carpenter (Sanders – CD2), Amanda Kruel (Sanders – CD2), Paul Witt (Clinton – CD2) Sarah Elizabeth Rowland (Clinton – CD2)

Dale Dworak (Sanders – CD3) Laurie Dworak (Sanders – CD3) Dennis Patrick (Clinton – CD3) Renda Washington (Clinton – CD3) Jerry Ogle (Clinton – CD3)

Darrell Bouldin (Sanders – CD4) Kristy Douglas (Sanders – CD4) Blake Kitterman (Clinton – CD4) Judy Whitehill (Clinton – CD4)

Sidney Bennett (Sanders – CD5) Nate Bone (Sanders – CD5) Emily Passini (Clinton – CD5) Ashford Hughes (Clinton – CD5) Freda Player (Clinton – CD5)

Gary Bynum (Clinton – CD5) Michelle Davis (Sanders – CD6) Jordan Wilkins (Clinton – CD6) Bonnie Fussell (Clinton – CD6) Leonard Steverson (Clinton – CD6)

Karen Kendall-Fite (Sanders – CD7) Rolando Marrero (Sanders – CD7) Meryl Rice (Clinton – CD7) VaRand Sevier-Pride (Clinton – CD7) Clyde Elam (Clinton – CD7)

Forest Jones (Sanders – CD8) Patsy Johnson (Clinton – CD8) Alan Staggs (Clinton – CD8) Deborah Reed (Clinton – CD8) Calvin Anderson (Clinton – CD8)

Emma Meskovic (Sanders – CD9) David Cambron (Clinton – CD9) Norma Lester (Clinton – CD9) David Cocke (Clinton – CD9) Yandira Salinas (Clinton – CD9) James Johnson (Clinton – CD9) Randa Spears (Clinton – CD9)

Linda Maccabe (Clinton Alternate – CD2) Rob McGuire (Clinton Alternate – CD5) Patsy Stanton (Clinton Alternate – CD6) Bretran Thompson (Clinton Alternate – CD9)