TNGOP delegate news release and delegate list

News release from Tennessee Republican Party
NASHVILLE, Tenn.-April 2, 2016–At a meeting of the State Executive Committee of the Tennessee Republican Party, the final slate of delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention was approved by a vote of 40-25.

Based on the results of the March 1st presidential preference primary, the delegates were allocated as follows:

Donald Trump – 33 delegates

Ted Cruz – 16 delegates

Marco Rubio – 9 delegates

Under Tennessee state law, delegates are bound to their respective candidate for two rounds of balloting at the Republican National Convention this summer on Cleveland, Ohio.

TNGOP Chairman Ryan Haynes stated, “I appreciate the campaigns working with us to create this slate and I am especially grateful for the hard work of our State Executive Committee members to approve it.”

The entire slate may be accessed here (delegates and alternates are listed by alphabetical order).


Note: The links in the TNGOP release above take you to a drop box. A list is also available below.

Here are the names of Tennessee delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention, listed by candidate, as provided by the Tennessee Republican Party Saturday:

Ted Cruz delegates
Laura Baigert, Scott Carey, Joe Carr, Charlie Cato, Paul Chapman, Claire Crouch, Debbie Deaver, Chris Devaney, Lee Douglas, Steve Gill, Lynn Moss, Ed Phillips, Sara Sellers, Stephen Siao, Sharon Strange, Mick Wright.

Ted Cruz alternate delegates
Stuart Anderson, Karen Brown, Sheila Butt, Frank Colvett, Kimberly Dahlgren, Karen Entz, Frank Gorgie, Robin Haraway, Katherine Hudgins, Julia Hurley, Lucas Hutchinson, Lora Jobe, Kevin Kookogey, John Miles, Paula Sedgwick, Jennifer Winfree.

Mario Rubio delegates
Sammie Arnold, Victor Ashe, Beth Campbell, Luke Elliot, Randy Fairbanks, Bill Haslam, Ryan Haynes, Michael Hensley, Gerald McCormick.

Mario Rubio alternative delegates
Mike Arms, Emily Beaty, Dave Black, Zackary Blair, Bradford David Box, Oscar Brock, Nathan Buttrey, Randy Ellis.

Donald Trump delegates
Doris Arnold, Mae Beavers, William Beavers, Jerry Beavers, Karen Bennett, Charlotte Bergmann, Chad Blackburn, Julie Brockman, Linda Buckles, Nichole Bufalino, Betty Cannon, Larry Cooper, Joseph Coury, Robert Duvall, James Eaton, Melissa Gay, Ken Gross, Kent Harris, Chris Hughes, Connie Hunter, Tim Hutchinson, Betty Jo Kern, Bill Ketron, Peggy Lambert, Sam Maynard, Ron McDow, Jeff Peach, David Riden, Terry Roland, John Ryder, Larry Sims, Richard Sneed, Kay White.

Donald Trump alternate delegates
Rob Ailey, Tina Benkiser, Davette Blalock, Martha Ruth Brown, Owen Grant Burnett, Stacey Campfield, Beada Corum, Elaine Ervin, John Fey, Sherry Fey, Lei Ann Gleaves, Barbara Gregson, Rebecca Griffey, Ted Hatfield, Kelsey Ketron, Beverly Knight Hurley, Joe McCulley, Melissa Miles, Marti Miller, Nathan Mitchell, Patricia Orlando, Mary Ann Parks, David Perry, Jerry Riden, Mary Ann Tackett, John Edward Weston, Doug White, Susan Richardson Williams, Rick Williams, Marsha Yessick, Lou Ann Zelenik.