A sampler of presidential campaign ads in TN

Following is a sampler of presidential campaign advertising commercials that are running in Tennessee prior to the Super Tuesday primary or — in some cases — ads that may be running.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign (with no ad competition from Bernie Sanders within the state) has openly promoted its commercials and, on the Republican side, Marco Rubio’s campaign has ballyhooed its TV ad on Gov. Bill Haslam’s endorsement – previously appearing on this blog (HERE).

A Rubio spokesman refused to identify any other Rubio campaign ads running in the state, even though yours truly watched one (included below) that is otherwise publicly available. Other Republican campaigns and their supporting Super PACs declined to even respond to inquiries asking for their ads running in Tennessee. These folks think, perhaps accurately, that there are strategic reasons for not letting the opposition know exactly which ads are running where – even though the ads are in many cases posted on Youtube or elsewhere on the Internet. Still, one who watches a bit of TV and talks with other political junkies doing so around the state can make, I think, a pretty good guess on ads that are afoot. Here’s the sampler:

From Keep the Promise, a SuperPAC supporting Cruz. It’s running in TN.

From the Rubio campaign, running in TN.

From Conservative Solutions, a SuperPAC supporting Rubio, running in TN.

From the Trump campaign (similar, but not exactly same, as one certainly running in TN but not found in an Internet search).

From the Cruz campaign, I can’t confirm as running in Tennessee – one viewer says she saw something like this — but much promoted on the Internet

From Hillary Clinton, running in TN (another Clinton ad was previously posted HERE)

From Stand for Truth, another Cruz-supporting SuperPAC, and verified as running in the state