Corker says voters aren’t angry enough; won’t endorse pres candidate

Excerpt from a Roll Call report on Sen. Bob Corker’s commentary on the Republican presidential primary:

When asked about the state of presidential politics and the preference among Republican voters for outsiders, Corker said he actually doesn’t think voters are angry enough, but he’s not planning any endorsements.

…“Look, I think the American people have every right to be angry. I tell them I think they ought to be angrier than they are,” Corker said.

Speaking with a small group of reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast, Corker said the current division of power with a Democratic president and a Republican-controlled Congress should have been an opportunity to make tough decisions about entitlement spending and national priorities, but neither the executive nor legislative branches would do it.

“Have we addressed the major issues of our nation? Not one. Not one. I mean, people should be upset,” Corker said. “We will not address the fiscal issue.”

Corker also criticized presidential candidates from both parties for not getting into the weeds of the federal budget.

“It’s amazing. Everybody’s channeling this anger, but how many of the candidates are talking about the fiscal issue?” Corker asked. “I think Chris Christie was talking about it. It didn’t work so well.”

Corker’s comments came shortly after calling the current budget process a “total hoax,” saying everyone knows that the Republican budget from last year wouldn’t actually achieve balance over the next decade.

“It really challenges your integrity to even go through the process, to be honest,” said Corker, a senior member of the Budget Committee.

Note: In January, Corker left the door open to endorsing a presidential candidate, at one point indicating he had one in mind — widely assumed to be Sen. Marco Rubio, though he never said so.