TN early voting in presidential primary sets record

Tennesseans cast ballots in record numbers during the early voting period for the March 1 presidential primary, according to Secretary of State Tre Hargett.

The total early votes cast, according to the Division of Elections website Wednesday afternoon, was 385,653 — 257,209 in the Republican primary, 128,374 in the Democratic primary.

The previous record was 329,154 early votes in the 2008 presidential preference primary. or 16.4 percent fewer than this year. in 2012, the early presidential primary early vote total was just 192,362.

The state has about 3.9 million registered voters, Hargett said. In past presidential primaries the early vote has amounted to around 25 to 30 percent of the total vote cast.

If it turns out that 25 percent voted early this year, that would mean a total turnout of about 1.5 million. At 30 percent, that would translate into about 1.3 million.