TNDP bashing GOP leaders on Durham

Here is an online ad distributed by the Tennessee Democratic party criticizing House Republican leadership in the Jeremy Durham matter.

And here’s a statement issued by TNDP Chair Mary Mancini on the committee set up by House Speaker Beth Harwell to review policies on sexual harassment:

“The committee set up to review the legislature’s sexual harassment policy will fail because the problem is not with the sexual harassment policy. The problem is that when approached by women who said they were uncomfortable with Rep. Jeremy Durham’s unwanted text messages they, and the existing policy, were ignored by Republican Leaders Speaker Beth Harwell, Leader Gerald McCormick and Chair Glen Casada.

The only reason we are seeing any kind of policy review is because Republican leaders were caught sweeping the scandal under the rug. Instead of asking what will the committee recommend to Speaker Harwell, we should be asking what did Speaker Harwell know and when did she know it? And if she ignored the existing problem and policy until she was forced to acknowledge it, what faith can we have that she will implement any proposed changes?”