Poll of TN Democrats: Clinton 58%, Sanders 32%

A Public Policy Polling survey finds Hillary Clinton with a solid lead over Bernie Sanders in Tennessee and other Southern states holding presidential preference primaries in early March.

In Tennessee, Clinton has a 58 percent-32 percent advantage overall. Among African-American Tennessee voters, her lead was even larger — 74 percent to 15 percent.

The company did similar polls in 12 states with Clinton found to be leading in 10 of them. The exceptions, where Sanders has a lead, were Massachusetts and Vermont.

PPP’s overview report on the polls is HERE. An excerpt:

One issue that’s playing to Clinton’s particular advantage is who people trust most to be Commander in Chief. She has at least a 31 point advantage over Sanders on that front in every state other than Vermont. Other issues she does particularly well on are women’s issues where she has at least a 36 point advantage in every state other than Vermont and improving race relations where she likewise has a double digit advantage everywhere other than Senator Sanders’ home state.