Two of three resigned reps deny Durham affairs

Among the numerous curiosities in the news surrounding state Rep. Jeremy Durham, who Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey says had an affair with a resigned state representative, are denials from former state Reps. Mike Harrison and Ryan Haynes:

As reported by The Tennessean as part of a much longer story:

Reached Thursday, Harrison said he did not have an affair with Durham.

“Are you serious?” he asked a reporter, chuckling. “Oh Lord, have mercy. No, I didn’t have an affair with Jeremy Durham.”

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes resigned his seat in the legislature in May to take over the top spot with the state GOP. Tennessee GOP Executive Director Brent Leatherwood said Haynes’ decision to leave the legislature “unequivocally had nothing to do with Jeremy Durham” and Haynes again called on Durham to resign from the statehouse.

The comments came after a Durham spokesman issued this email to media following Ramsey saying the Franklin Republican had an affair with a former representative who subsequently resigned, though he declined to use a name.

“As of January 27, 2016, Representative Durham has taken a couple of weeks of leave from the legislature, which has been approved by Speaker Harwell. Nevertheless, he categorically denies having any physical relationship with former representatives Harrison or Wilburn.”

Subsequently, the spokesman sent this follow-up email to media: “Given the number of questions on the omission of former Rep. Ryan Haynes, I wanted to update all of you. I brought to Rep. Durham’s attention that three legislators had resigned last year, not two, and he maintains he has no further comments.”

The only other legislator to resign last year, former state Rep. Leigh Wilburn, R-Somerville, has been unavailable for comment, multiple media folks report.