AFP claims victory over TN gas tax; backs surplus transfer

News release from Americans for Prosperity-Tennessee
NASHVILLE – Americans for Prosperity-Tennessee (AFP-TN), the leading grassroots advocate working against raising the gas tax, is claiming victory for halting the gas tax hike. Town halls focusing on the potential gas tax increase engaged activists across the state. AFP-TN activists made their opposition clear to lawmakers by going door-to-door, attending town halls, making calls, and sending emails.

Americans for Prosperity hosted over 40 “Axe The Tax” town hall events from Memphis to Nashville to Johnson City. AFP-TN published a public vote count of legislators’ stance based off survey responses and public statements; available at A free gas event in Jackson helped 125 participants highlighting how even a small tax increase will harm those making the least.

The majority of the legislature is openly opposed to raising the tax; especially while Tennessee has an excess of over $980 million including last year’s surplus.

“We must remain vigilant. This will definitely come back up next year and we need to be engaged,”said state director, Andrew Ogles. “We aren’t going away. We are here to unite the taxpayers to stand up for what’s best for our state and our families, not special interest groups’ bottom line.”

Ogles continued, “A temporary dip in gas prices has been used by politicians across the nation as an excuse to raise taxes and fulfill their wish lists seemingly without repercussion. Tennessee is in the unique position of having zero road debt, low taxes, and some of the best roads in the country. We look forward to working with lawmakers on solutions that will not penalize hard-working Tennesseans at the pump.”

Legislation has been filed to refund $261 million taken from transportation fund during previous attempts to shore up a failing Medicaid expansion. AFP-TN supports this common sense approach using excess tax collections to repay the robbed road funding.

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