Durham resigns as House majority whip

Statement emailed to media Sunday from Rep. Jeremy Durham, R-Franklin
(Franklin, TN – January 24, 2016) – Today I have advised Speaker Beth Harwell, Majority Leader Gerald McCormick and Caucus Chair Glen Casada that I am resigning my Caucus position as Majority Whip.

I appreciate the support shown for me by my colleagues during the recent Caucus meeting that resulted in my retaining my position as a Caucus leader. However, it is clear that the relentless media-driven agenda against me will continue. This targeted media campaign continues to distract our Caucus and the Legislature from focusing on the serious work that needs to be done over the next few months. Stepping aside from my leadership position should put an end to my role in the distraction.

I will continue to focus on the concerns of my legislative district and the State of Tennessee, lead the fight on conservative issues, and aggressively pursue re-election. By stepping aside, it is my hope that the Caucus, the Legislature, and perhaps even the media can avoid any further distractions and return their attention to the important issues that impact the lives of our fellow Tennesseans.

Statement emailed to media Sunday from House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick, R-Chattanooga

“In accordance with our House Republican Caucus bylaws, I have received and accepted the resignation of Representative Jeremy Durham as House Majority Whip. I believe he has made a good decision to prevent this issue from continuing to be a distraction to our Caucus. We will hold a Caucus meeting in the near future to elect a new House Majority Whip.”

UPDATE/Note: The Tennessean reports that, after the McCormick email was initially sent, Durham said he had not resigned and was only thinking about it Sunday afternoon. About two hours later he told the newspaper he had stepped down as whip. In the interim, both House Speaker Beth Harwell and House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada called on Durham to resign the post.

The resignation follows a lengthy controversy, most recently Sunday’s Tennessean report that Durham sent inappropriate text messages to three women. Previous post HERE.