Ramsey: Insure TN, medical marijuana bills DOA

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey tells the Kingsport Times-News that bills on Insure Tennessee and medical marijuana don’t have a chance of passage this session.

“This is 2016 and we’re going to have a new president in November one way or the other,” Ramsey said in a recent meeting with members of the Times-News Editorial Board. “Every Republican presidential nominee has basically said that we will give the money to the states in block grants and allow us to design our own (Medicaid) program. … They would say, ‘Here’s your $3.1 billion and design your own plan.’ I think we can do that. … Even TennCare (the state’s current Medicaid program) experts say that is the case. … The timing is bad now, (Gov. Bill Haslam, a Republican) is not going to bring (Insure Tennessee) back up.”

But Ramsey also noted House and Senate Democrats will try something to bring Insure Tennessee back up for consideration.

…Concerning a new push to have medical marijuana in Tennessee, Ramsey said: “I don’t think it has a prayer.”