Freeman pledges $100K to House Democrats

News release from House Democratic Caucus
NASHVILLE- Today Nashville businessman Bill Freeman pledged $100,000 to the House Democrats to assist them in pushing back the Republican Supermajority.

“As a lifelong Tennessean and businessman, I’ve frankly been disappointed that the Republicans in our Legislature have simply ignored major issues facing our state – you turn on the news and Republicans are talking about supporting the militia in Oregon but not backing the Governor on Insure Tennessee. It should be obvious we need a change of leadership”, Freeman observed.

“I’m pitching in because we just can’t afford to let our state get off in the ditch while Republicans do little but pander to their extreme fringe.”

House leaders thanked Freeman for his support and pledged to continue to fight tirelessly on legislation that will make day-to-day life better for all Tennesseans. “While Democrats have been pushing equal pay for equal work, Insure Tennessee and other issues of great importance to our State, Republicans have been focused on non-issues”, stated House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh.

“We know that Bill Freeman has many organizations competing for his assistance and we greatly appreciate his deep commitment to the work we are doing”, said Caucus Chairman Mike Stewart. “Anyone who has seen members like Jason Powell and Raumesh Akbari fighting passionately for legislation that creates jobs, ensures our safety and protects public education can see the difference in priorities. With Bill’s help, we will continue to elect Democrats and work on issues that matter.”

Note: As of last report– mid-year 2015, with a new report due Feb. 1 — the House Democratic Caucus had a cash-on-hand balance of $751.46 in its campaign account. At the same time, the House Republican Caucus reported a cash-on-hand balance of $190,019.09.