Another lawsuit planned against Knoxville gun ban

An attorney for the Tennessee Firearms Association says a new lawsuit against the city of Knoxville, Mayor Madeline Rogero and organizers of the Tennessee Valley Fair will claim a civil conspiracy deprived residents of their rights to carry guns at last year’s fair, reports the News Sentinel.

Loudon resident Pandora Vreeland already filed a lawsuit alleging the rights of Loudon County residents were infringed by Rogero’s decision to ban guns at Chilhowee Park. The NRA has said it’s supporting the lawsuit.

Attorney Andrew Fox told a gathering of more than 50 TFA members Tuesday night that a public records request has revealed the Rogero administration unlawfully conspired with the fair organizers to ban lawful handgun permit-holders from Chilhowee Park.

“We believe we will be able to prove civil conspiracy that resulted in an infringement and chilling of people’s lawful rights,” Fox said.

Allegations of conspiracy could prove important in recovering legal fees, he said.

…Eric Vreeland, spokesman for Rogero, said the city’s legal position has not changed — that the guns in parks law does not apply to entertainment and public assembly facilities.

TFA members at the meeting also spoke out against gun control measures announced Tuesday by President Barack Obama. State Sen. Richard Briggs, R-Knoxville, attended the meeting and said a state law passed last year preventing the federal government from using state resources to enforce federal laws could provide protection from the president’s executive action.