Ketron wants to pressure Haslam for refugee lawsuit

Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron is calling on citizens to pressure Gov. Bill Haslam into filing a lawsuit to block the federal government from sending refugees to Tennessee, according to the Daily News Journal.

“It’s costing the state” to provide TennCare funds for medical treatment to refugees coming to the state, the Republican senator from Murfreesboro told the Rutherford County Commission Steering Committee during a Tuesday night meeting in the County Courthouse.

…Ketron said a Michigan law firm has volunteered to represent Tennessee and other states.

“The governor has got to pull the trigger,” said Ketron, who urged that people pressure Gov. Bill Haslam to join the lawsuit. “It’s going to take some people to have some guts.”

The governor is not usually the one who leads lawsuit efforts for the state, said Jennifer Donnals, the press secretary for Haslam.

“Typically, it is the attorney general who brings a legal action on behalf of the state,” Donnals said.

Ketron said the Thomas Moore Law Center firm in Ann Arbor, Mich., is offering to take the case at no charge. The center’s website states that the firm is “Battle Ready To Defend America.”

A firm spokeswoman reached by phone confirmed what Ketron mentioned.

“We have approached several states about allowing us to represent them to challenge the federal refugee resettlement program,” the spokeswoman said.

Note: The idea of a lawsuit over refugees was proposed earlier by Sen. Kerry Roberts, who wrote a letter on the subject. Previous post HERE.