Rep. Van Huss plans defund diversity bill

State Rep. Micah Van Huss, R-Jonesborough, says he’s drafting legislation to defund the University of Tennessee’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, according to the News Sentinel.

That’s in accord with a resolution approved by the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee last weekend. (Note: Previous post HERE.) Van Huss says he’s been planning a lot longer than that

“My office began working on drafts of this legislation when the Office of Diversity proposed using gender-neutral pronouns earlier this summer,” he said in a statement. “We had been trying to draft something that would leave the office in place, but bring more oversight. However, after this latest action, it is clear that this taxpayer-funded department in no way reflects the values of Tennesseans.”

Van Huss also pointed to brouhahas over recommendations on using gender-neutral pronouns — such as “xe” “xym” and “xyr” — and the long-lamented Sex Week as reasons to worry about how the university is spending its money.

“What else has the Office of Diversity been doing with our tax dollars?” he said. “They are not celebrating diversity, they are wiping it out. It is the office of Political Correctness. Sadly, being a student with strong Judeo-Christian values, who wants to observe traditional celebrations, is no longer politically correct at UT.”

Meanwhile on Monday, clergy representing Episcopal-Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic and Seventh-day Adventist campus ministries, signed an open letter to legislators.

In it, they said they are “disappointed and frustrated by the erroneous claims that diversity at the University of Tennessee, particularly religious diversity, poses any threat to the religious freedoms of students, faculty and staff.”