Ramsey: Either Cheek should resign or UT Diversity staff should be fired

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, in a Facebook post, on the University of Tennessee’s Christmas diversity posting:

Political correctness has been a scourge on American academia for too long. If liberal arts universities in New York and Massachusetts wish to continue the practice that is up to them, but it has no place at institutions of higher learning in Tennessee. The General Assembly was assured that no “practice or policy” would be published without Chancellor Cheek’s approval.

If this post was approved by Chancellor Cheek, he should resign. If not, the entire staff of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion should be dismissed. The reputation of Tennessee is at stake here.

If the University of Tennessee cannot keep its house in order the General Assembly must shift funding to the University of Memphis, ETSU or other institutions of higher learning that don’t embarrass us nationally on a regular basis.