Haslam: Insure TN is still dead

Gov. Bill Haslam says gestures of support for Insure Tennessee since the last legislative session – including resolutions approved by city councils in Chattanooga and Knoxville recently – haven’t changed the hearts and minds of Republican state legislators. So he has no intention of trying for passage of the modified Medicaid expansion plan in 2016.

Gubernatorial quote from the Times-Free Press:

“There’s been a statewide effort to rally the cause, but I haven’t noticed a changing public opinion and definitely haven’t seen a change in our legislature.”

“My sense is there will be a lot of people waiting to see what happens in the ’16 presidential election — just, again, to be as honest as I can — before they’ll do that,” Haslam said. “We would still love it to happen. We still think it’s the right thing to do. Nothing I’ve seen since then (the 2015 session) has changed my mind.”