Ashe switches from backing Bush to backing Rubio

Former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe, who earlier this year gave a maximum campaign donation to Jeb Bush, has switched to supporting Florida U.S. Sen Marco Rubio for the Republican presidential nomination, reports Georgiana Vines. Ashe is also seeking to become an at-large delegate for Rubio at the Republican National Convention and has donated $2,700 to his campaign.

This comes after donating $2,700 to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a member of a prominent family of presidents with whom Ashe and his mother, Martha Henderson Ashe, were long-time friends. Ashe served as ambassador to Poland under President George W. Bush, the former governor’s brother, who was president from 2001-09. Martha Ashe was a convention delegate for the father, George H.W. Bush, as early as 1980. He was president from 1989-93.

Rubio is expected to name his official delegate list at a Monday press conference in Nashville.

“I have supported Jeb Bush and wish he were doing better, but he’s not. Of those remaining, Marco Rubio represents the best nominee for the Republicans,” Ashe said.

He said he thought about it long and hard and in the end, “it’s political reality.”

Ashe described Rubio as articulate, attractive and qualified by having served in local, state and national governments. He said he does not know the son of Cuban immigrants personally.