On the ‘small cadre of Tennesseans’ working in presidential campaigns

Michael Collins has a story on the “small cadre of Tennesseans who are immersed in presidential politics, either as staff members, consultants or advisers to the Republicans and Democrats battling for the White House.”

It includes comments from Chip Saltsman, senior campaign adviser for Mike Huckabee; Tom Ingram, consultant to Jeb Bush; Linda Sherrell, state director for Hillary Clinton; former Congressman Zach Wamp, co-chair of Marco Rubio’s campaign in the state; and Jill Bader, who is doing TV ads for John Kasich.

Naturally, all are full of praise for their candidates. A sampler of quotes:

“This is much more than a job for me,” Saltsman said. “It’s a passion. This is somebody I truly believe in.”

..”She was out there doing things and really fighting battles, particularly for women and children and families, when it was really hard to do,” said Sherrell, who lives in Monteagle, just northeast of Chattanooga, and leads Clinton’s grassroots engagement effort in Tennessee. “She has always sort of been a hero and a role model for me.”

…”I will do anything I can to help him be successful,” (Ingram) said, arguing Bush is the best-qualified candidate for the presidency. “He has the record and the work experience and the demeanor to be a really good president.”

…”I just totally believe Marco Rubio has the best chance of winning in November 2016 of any of the Republican candidates,” Wamp said…. “I share his world view,” Wamp said. “I trust in him and believe in him.”

…”At a time when there is so much uncertainty, both at home and abroad, you need an adult at the table,” said Bader, who previously worked on political campaigns in Tennessee, Florida and Wisconsin. “That is 100 percent John Kasich.”