Animal protection group rates TN legislators

News release from Tennessee Voters for Animal Protection
NASHVILLE, NOVEMBER 5, 2015 – Tennessee Voters for Animal Protection (TVAP), a non-partisan, grassroots political action committee, released their annual Legislative Report and Scorecard today, which summarizes how the 109th General Assembly performed this year with regard to animal protection issues in Tennessee.

“This year we have great news to share about four animal-protection bills that were proposed and passed in the Tennessee General Assembly,” said Payton Robbins, TVAP’s Legislative Liaison. “These four bills—aimed at establishing an animal abuse registry, rescuing a distressed animal from a vehicle, increasing penalties for animal fighting and increasing penalties for killing a service animal—passed with large majorities in both the House and the Senate.”

Passing this many animal-friendly bills in one session hasn’t always been the case. “Year after year, some legislators were going against the will of their constituents by killing these bills in the Agriculture Committees,” said Robbins. “Last year, TVAP started an online petition asking that animal-related bills be given a fair hearing and thousands of concerned Tennesseans signed our petition. The result has been a very positive one,” said Robbins.

There were also more sponsors and co-sponsors of animal-friendly bills than ever. Those receiving the highest scores were Sen. Steven Dickerson, Sen. Ferrell Haile, Rep. Darren Jernigan, Sen. Bill Ketron, Rep. Jon Lundberg, and Rep. Art Swann. Those receiving the lowest scores were Rep. Kelly Keisling, Sen. Frank Niceley, and Rep. Rick Womick.

Tennessee Voters for Animal Protection is a political action committee that endorses humaneminded candidates, raises funds from concerned citizens to donate to political campaigns, and organizes volunteers to campaign for humane-minded candidates in Tennessee. For more information, please visit

Note: Download the group’s legislative scorecard HERE. It’s a pretty hefty file.