TN school boards urged to reject request for Islam teaching records

The Tennessee School Boards Association is telling districts to fight a records request from a conservative legal group that’s trying to get school districts across Tennessee to divulge what they’re teaching middle-schoolers about Islam, reports WPLN.

The American Center for Law & Justice is sending records requests to all 146 school districts in Tennessee. The organization says a seventh-grade history unit on the early Islamic empire amounts to indoctrination.

“Imagine your child or grandchild forced to recite the Islamic conversion creed in school,” the group says in a video posted on its website. “It’s happening in Tennessee, public middle school students are being taught to write ‘Allah is the only God.'”

The TSBA isn’t responding to those claims. But it is giving districts a sample letter to send to the ACLJ.

The letter was originally written by attorneys at the firm Lewis, Thomason, King, Krieg & Waldrop, which advises many Tennessee districts, and says that because the ACLJ is an out-of-state entity, it’s not entitled to any records under Tennessee law.

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