ECD revises effort to market West TN megasite

Economic and Community Development Commissioner Randy Boyd got favorable reviews Tuesday from a group assembled to watch videos of ECD’s latest efforts to find businesses that will locate in the West Tennessee megasite, reports the Jackson Sun.

“We know we’ve got no excuses,” Boyd, the state’s ECD commissioner said about bringing a major company to the site. “We’ve got the great site, the great collaborative material, a great state of support — and so we’re excited about hitting the road.”

Boyd and Clint Brewer, assistant ECD commissioner for communications and marketing, showed a room full of chamber leaders and city and county mayors the two marketing videos that highlight the property and the plusses of building in West Tennessee, a pamphlet book and a new website to attract businesses worldwide that might move to the Megasite.

Boyd said the state has a list of 34 companies to pitch the Megasite to, 35 if you count Apple, which announced Monday it would be building an electric car by 2019.

“There’s no guarantee of success, but like at the start of every football season everybody says they’re going to win the Super Bowl, we believe we can win the Super Bowl,” Boyd said. “We’re determined to try and get it done — and now we’re going to go get it done.”

…Haywood County Mayor Franklin Smith, the county where the site is located, has been an outspoken critic of the state’s urgency with the site, but Tuesday applauded ECD’s showing.

“I think the state did an excellent job putting this together,” Smith said.

Smith also said he agrees with Boyd in that the state has no excuses for not being able to bring a major company to the site.