Hargett: If you don’t do politics, politics will be done to you

The Times-Free Press has an article on Tre Hargett’s voter registration promotion on Tennessee college campuses and voting patterns among the college age crowd.

“We really feel like it’s important, especially for this generation of voters, who has been — in so many ways — disengaged,” said Hargett during a reception at Lee (University in Cleveland). “If we are going to have a great future for this country and solve problems across this nation, we have to get this generation engaged.”

He mentioned a student he met on another campus who told Hargett he didn’t “do politics.”

“Make no mistake about it,” Hargett said. “You can say you don’t do politics, but politics will be done to you.”

The Lee event kicked off in a jubilant atmosphere, with a steady stream of students lining up at registration tables. It will continue today and run through Tuesday, school officials said.

…The online Independent Journal, a nonpartisan reporting site, quoted a Harvard Institute of Politics study saying only 40 percent of likely voters aged 18 to 29 are hoping a Republican wins the White House next year, vs. 55 percent who want a Democrat to win.

Raffi Williams, deputy press secretary for the Republican National Committee, said in the Independent Journal that the GOP is boosting its presence on college campuses

“A strong point the Democrats had is that they’re very good at creating a sense of community,” Williams, 26, told the Independent Journal.

“After 2012, Republicans have been working to build a community of young conservatives, and the results of 2014 show we are making headway.”

Meanwhile the California Independent Voter Project, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that offers education on public policy issues, says polling indicates younger voters are becoming more socially liberal.

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