Protesters: Common Core means teaching Islam

More than 100 people turned out at Vance Middle School in Bristol on Friday to protest teaching of Islam in public schools, according to the Bristol Herald Courier.

Seventh-graders at Vance do study Islam and go over the five pillars of faith in a historical context and the curriculum also covers the foundations of Christianity and Judaism, school officials said. It’s part of the controversial Common Core curriculum, which is state-mandated.

According to Amy Scott, principal at Vance Middle School, administrators have taken great pains to ensure that all three religions are covered equally.

Protest organizer Patty Kinkead said she knew that the school system could not make changes to the Common Core curriculum, but the purpose of the demonstration was to raise awareness about what she believes is being taught.

“If we can enlighten two parents to what’s being taught then this has been a successful day,” Kinkead said. “We are hoping to create a spark so that other people will want to protest Common Core across the state. The protest is not about Vance Middle School or the teachers; it’s about Common Core and the teaching of Islam in the curriculum. ”

Kinkead removed her fourth-grader from the city school division and is home-schooling him because she’s opposed to Common Core.

Note: See also the Columbia Daily Herald, which has a story beginning thusly:

Maury County parents are expressing concern after their children came home with world history schoolwork containing references to Islam and its teachings. The school district contends the curriculum has been in place for more than three decades, and world history is difficult to teach without referencing religions.