Zero support for Womick’s call to impeach Haslam

Senate Democratic Leader Lee Harris tells The Tennessean that Republicans should consider censuring state Rep. Rick Womick, R-Rockvale, for suggesting that Gov. Bill Haslam be impeached. Republican leaders aren’t suggesting that – but they’re not backing Womick in his impeachment idea, either.

Haslam shouldn’t be impeached and GOP leaders need to take action against Womick for his comments, argued Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris, D-Memphis.

“In some cases, it is clear to me that disciplinary action is called for, including perhaps censure,” Harris said after a meeting with The Tennessean editorial board.

“Because some of these comments are made in their official capacity, and we’ve got to tighten up. The Republican leadership has got to tighten up.”

The court didn’t make the right decision, in House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada’s opinion. But the Franklin Republican doesn’t think any of his fellow GOP lawmakers support Womick’s impeachment idea.

“The governor’s done a good job; I support the governor wholly. I think that representative is by himself,” Casada said.

In a statement from a spokeswoman, House Speaker Beth Harwell echoed Casada’s comments that Haslam shouldn’t be impeached. She does believe members have the right to express themselves though: Both Harwell and Casada said they don’t believe censuring Womick is necessary. House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick told the Chattanooga Times Free Press he also doesn’t support impeachment.

Womick stood by his comments about Haslam Wednesday, blasting Harwell and Casada in the process.

“That just goes to show you our leadership in the House,” Womick said, when asked about comments from Harwell and Casada.

“They’re going to try and stiff-arm and prevent a special session because the governor doesn’t want one.”

Several House Republicans, including Womick, want the governor to call a special session in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling. Although several have proposed legislation to “protect” clergy from being forced to officiate same-sex marriages, there is nothing in state or federal law that requires private officials to preside over any type of wedding.

And this from a Richard Locker report:

Asked Thursday if he has any thoughts on Womick’s latest remarks calling for impeachment proceedings against him, the governor said, “I really don’t. When I was sworn in, I swore to uphold the law and the constitutions of the United States of America and Tennessee and that’s what the governor’s job is.”

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