Womick calls for impeachment of Haslam

State Rep. Rick Womick is calling for impeachment of Gov. Bill Haslam for accepting the gay-marriage ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court and of the five justices for making the decision, reports the Daily News Journal.

“I am looking at impeachment proceedings,” the Republican lawmaker from Rutherford County said during a Tuesday phone interview.

Womick contends that Haslam should enforce the Tennessee Constitution and the amendment approved by voters in a referendum that bans gay marriage because the U.S. Supreme Court has no authority to rule on marriage.

“He (Haslam) changed the constitution and changed state law without addressing the General Assembly,” said Womick, who lives in the Rockvale community southwest of Murfreesboro. “He failed to uphold his oath to the state. He went and altered state law. He put homosexuals on marriages licenses.

“He did not consult the General Assembly on any of this. He did this based on the five rogue justices in Washington, D.C. He doesn’t have that power, and, therefore, we are looking at impeachment proceedings.”

Haslam spokesman David Smith Tuesday declined to comment about Womick’s assertions.

…”The governor ignored our (Tennessee) Constitution,” Womick said. “He ignored state law and changed it himself. He does not have the power to change the state law or the constitution like he did.”

Womick also said he wants to see Congress impeach the five justices who ruled in the majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

“I am working with (U.S. Rep.) Scott DesJarlais to impeach those five justices,” Womick said.

DesJarlais, a fellow Republican from South Pittsburg, acknowledged that he listened to what Womick had to say about the impeachment idea.

“A lot of people in Tennessee were disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision and feel that it was a step in the wrong direction for states rights,” DesJarlais said during a Tuesday phone interview. “He contacted me about the idea, and I did not have answers for him.”

DesJarlais spokesman Robert Jameson said during the phone conversation that the congressman directed his staff to look into the issue.