Don’t bother trying to apply for a state job in the next six weeks

People seeking many rank-and-file state positions cannot apply for them because Tennessee has stopped taking applications and won’t resume until Aug. 26, reports The Tennessean.

The application site shutdown is blamed on system upgrades. The application shutdown affects every state agency, but doesn’t affect the application process for executive positions.

“We are currently not accepting applications at this time due to system updates. We will continue accepting applications on August 26, 2015,” reads a statement at the top of the application site.

That means, for the time being, hiring will grind to a halt, said Danielle Barnes, Department of Human Resources deputy commissioner.

“It will in effect stop it for a while,” Barnes said Wednesday afternoon.

Tennessee only accepts applications for state positions online. The portal for staff employee applications has been closed since at least Monday.

Although applications are only accepted online, other staff changes such as promotions or suspensions may require paperwork, Barnes said. The upgrade will move those staff changes to an electronic format and shouldn’t cost the state any additional money, she said.

“This new product will allow us to obviously be more effective and efficient, allow us to be paperless and allow us to really get those transactions approved a lot more quickly,” Barnes said.