Cruz camp: Attacks on Kookogey ‘absurd’

Sen. Ted Cruz, through a spokesman, is defending his choice of Brian Kookogey to head the Cruz presidential campaign in Tennessee, according to the Tennessean.

CAIR and others are misinterpreting Kookogey’s work, said Rick Tyler, spokesman for Cruz’ presidential campaign.

“It is absurd to suggest that being a defender of American law under the United States Constitution is somehow anti-Muslim. It is not and cannot be,” Tyler told The Tennessean Wednesday afternoon.

…The Cruz campaign chose Kookogey because he demonstrated experienced with Tennessee Republicans and the people the Cruz campaign wants to attract, Tyler said.

“He is exactly the kind of grassroots volunteer that we’re attracting across the country,” Tyler said. “He fits our model precisely.”

Cruz is one of several tea party-aligned candidates in the increasingly crowded GOP presidential primary. He was most recently in Nashville in April, for the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting. Cruz received some of the most robust applause from the NRA audience, and tied for sixth place among GOP contenders in a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll of Republican and Republican-leaning independent registered voters.

Tyler said there aren’t any Tennessee trips officially scheduled at the moment, but he guaranteed the campaign will come to Tennessee.

Note: A critical CAIR release is posted HERE.