Watson meditates on running against Fleischmann

Excerpt from a Times-Free Press piece on Sen. Bo Watson mulling a run against 3rd District Congressman Chuck Fleischmann:

“There’s a lot to consider,” Watson said last week. “I know that because I drove through [the district]. And it just has some challenges to it.”

Basic considerations include whether Watson believes he can bring something new to the table; how people feel about Fleischmann, who’s faced close contests in his three prior primaries, and the tough task task of taking on an incumbent.

“I’m fairly deliberative and logical, which sometimes gets in the way of the legislative process,” Watson said. “But I don’t just jump in because it’s the popular thing to do or because people are telling me they don’t like somebody for this reason, they don’t like somebody for that reason.

“It would be because I truly believe I could be effective, No. 1, and because I could make a significant difference beyond what Chuck has been able to do.”

And, he added, “I’m not where I could actually, honestly say that. And then, if I could and I do believe that, then at the end of the day it ultimately comes down to, can you raise the necessary resources. Because if an incumbent raises a million, you’re going to have to raise $1.5 million. You just are.”

…Fleischmann said he and Watson had “a good sit-down” at the Tennessee Valley Corridor conference. “Sat down and had a great time. He’s a friend.”

After two slim primary victories in 2012 and 2014, Fleischmann said, “the best way for me to get re-elected, to win Republican primaries and then the general, is just to go out and do my job every day.”

“Even my past primary opponents never really had either a philosophical difference with me or hit me on my voting record,” Fleischmann continued.