TVA to auction properties bought in Kingston coal ash cleanup

Sixty two properties that TVA bought during its cleanup of the Kingston Fossil Plant coal ash spill will be auctioned off in July, reports the News Sentinel.

The properties include 19 waterfront properties — four with water-view homes. There are 39 vacant parcels and 23 parcels with homes. The properties, all on Emory River Road in Harriman, will be auctioned on site at 11 a.m. July 25, rain or shine. J.P. King Auction Co., which is handling the sale, will post details of the properties online at in June.

The properties are not among those TVA bought that were damaged by the spill, TVA spokesman Jim Hopson said.

“When we were doing so much of the heavy equipment work in the early stages of the clean up, we realized the noise and lighting that was necessary was going to make this area an extremely difficult place to live,” Hopson said.

So, TVA offered Emory River Road residents an option to sell their homes. It was a voluntary program, Hopson said.

“Not everyone decided to sell, and there are still 13 homes that remain private residences,” he said.

On Dec. 22, 2008, a holding cell at the Kingston plant collapsed and released 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash sludge in the Emory River and across the surrounding countryside. TVA is finishing up a yearslong recovery effort that has included returning the Emory River and other waterways to pre-spill conditions, reforesting, stabilizing shorelines, adding wetlands and wildlife habitats, and taking other measures.