Haslam: Yes, I’ll sign that cannabis oil bill

Gov. Bill Haslam, who has signed every bill put in front of him this year, says he’ll do the same for the legislation decriminalizing cannabis oil (HB197) when it gets to his desk.

From The Tennessean

The governor had said several times he wasn’t opposed to the bill, but confirmed Tuesday he could sign the bill as soon as the end of this week.

“We do plan to sign that. Our legal gets it, they review it and then it comes to me. I actually have not gotten it yet, but I think we will in the next day or so,” Haslam told reporters Tuesday in Nashville.

Eligible people would be able to legally use cannabis oil in Tennessee as soon as Haslam signs the law.

The bill allows people diagnosed with conditions that create seizures or with epilepsy to use cannabis oil as a treatment. The person must have a recommendation from a doctor to use the oil; the bill doesn’t establish a legal method for processing the oil in Tennessee, so those who want to use it will have to go to one of the roughly two dozen states where the oil and other marijuana products are legal for medicinal purposes.