Legislators decide to require citizenship test for high school graduation

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee students would have to pass a partial version of the U.S. citizenship and immigration services’ civic test before getting a high school diploma under legislation headed for Gov. Bill Haslam’s consideration.

The bill sponsored by Senate Republican leader Mark Norris of Collierville was approved on a 30-0 vote on Tuesday. The House had passed its version on an 85-8 vote on Monday.

Under the bill, school districts would select 25 to 50 questions from the citizenship test, and students would need to answer at least 70 percent correctly in order to pass. Students would be allowed to retake the test as often as needed.

The legislation is similar to other measures being proposed across the country.

Note: The bill is SB10 and HB10. Critics of the bill, for the most part, expressed concern for adding yet another test to the list that Tennessee students must take. For more info/background, see previous post HERE.