Scotty Probasco dies aged 86

Scott L. “Scotty” Probasco Jr., Chattanooga businessman and philanthropist, died Friday night at age 86. He was also an active Republican and frequent donor to GOP causes.

From the Times-Free Press report:

Probasco, who was a cheerleader in college at Dartmouth, also was known as a long-time cheerleader for Chattanooga and many of its philanthropies. He was famous for his encouraging “Great work!” cheer offered during many of the fundraising campaigns the long-time banker and community activist worked to support.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, former Tennessee governor and U.S. Secretary of Education, lamented the loss of his friend Saturday but lauded Probasco’s contributions and enthusiasm.

“Scotty Probasco was Chattanooga’s cheerleader, a vigorous and generous advocate for so many good causes,” Alexander said. “I am especially grateful for his service on our state’s governing board for higher education. He was a close friend. Honey and I will miss him greatly.”

Sen. Bob Corker, former mayor of Chattanooga, was also close to Probasco, and expressed his gratitude for the role Probasco played in his life.

“Scotty Probasco made a profound impact on Chattanooga and on my own life as he pushed everyone he knew to excellence and encouraged all of us with his dynamic optimism,” said Corker. “I am so proud to have gotten to know Scotty as a young man and thankful for the many lessons he taught me through the way he lived his life. My thoughts and prayers are with Betty and the family as all of us remember Scotty’s tremendous impact on the many lives he touched.”

…During his career, Probasco served on the boards of Chattem Inc., Provident Life and Accident Insurance Co. and Coca-Cola Enterprises, in addition to a variety of local community groups including Allied Arts, the United Way, the Greater Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, the University of Chattanooga Foundation, the Benwood Foundation, Bethel Bible Village and the UT Development Council, among other local groups.

Note: Here’s a statement from state Republican Chairman Ryan Haynes:

“Generosity was a hallmark of Scotty Probasco’s life. He was a friend to many, especially in his beloved Chattanooga. He was a wonderful supporter of the Tennessee Republican Party for many years but his loss will be felt all over Tennessee. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family tonight.”