Can NRA folk bring guns to Nashville convention? Well, yes (but don’t take them to a park)

The National Rifle Association and the Music City Center have confirmed that gun owners with the proper carry permits can bring their guns with them into the center during the association’s convention, which will be held there this weekend, reports The Tennessean.

A spokeswoman for the center said its policy is to follow state law and to allow the organizations holding events inside the facility to decide whether they wish for people to carry their guns inside.

Music City Center spokeswoman Mary Brette Clippard confirmed to The Tennessean on Tuesday afternoon that the NRA had no problem with gun owners with the proper gun permits bringing their weapons inside.

The NRA published a message on its official Twitter page at about 1:45 p.m. acknowledging this.

“Lawfully carried firearms will be permitted in the Music City Center with the proper license in accordance with Tennessee law,” the tweet said.

Note: Pro-gun legislators have been aiming to have approved, by the NRA convention’s start on Friday, a bill authorizing handgun permit holders to take their weapons into local parks — including those in Nashville where they’re currently prohibited. Recent legislative squabbling over the guns-in-parks bill assures that won’t happen in time for the convention.