Jindal tells Memphis Republicans he’s working on a plan to ‘fix’ the country

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, in Memphis for a Republican fundraiser Friday, said he’s coming up with detailed plans for how to “fix” the country while deciding whether to seek the presidential nomination, according to the Commercial Appeal.

Instead of fundraising like other presidential hopefuls, Jindal said, he has created the conservative policy think tank America Next.

…Jindal has come under fire as his home state faces a $1.6 billion deficit this year. Jindal, who has taken a pledge not to raise taxes, presented a budget that would “cut corporate welfare” by eliminating a business tax credit — a move he said will save the state more than $500 million, but could erode his corporate support.

“We’ve said we think that money would be better spent on education and on healthcare,” he said.

Jindal touted his conservative credentials Friday, saying he’s cut state government 26 percent, largely by eliminating 30,000 government jobs. But the cuts have reached a point that the state may forego funding its presidential primaries, the Washington Post reported.

But Jindal said Louisiana’s economy growing twice as fast as the national average.

“I’m confident, just like we’ve done every year, we’ll balance this budget,” Jindal said. “We’re not going to raise taxes. We’re going to grow the private sector economy.”