House votes to ban DUI on ‘any street or alley’ as well as ‘public roads and highways’

The House has unanimously approved and sent to the Senate a Haslam administration bill that makes “technical corrections” the state’s DUI law.

Lifted from a Commercial Appeal report on some advancing legislation:

Present law declares that it’s unlawful to drive or be in physical control of any motor vehicle “on any of the public roads and highways of the state, any shopping center, trailer park, apartment house complex or any other location which is generally frequented by the public at large while under the influence” of any intoxicant.

HB 99 by House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick, R-Chattanooga, adds “any street or alley” to public roads and highways and the other places where driving under the influence is unlawful.

Also under present law, a person driving a commercial motor vehicle is considered driving under the influence if his or her blood alcohol content is 0.04 percent. The bill clarifies that it’s 0.04 or more. (For driving a non-commercial vehicle, it’s 0.08 percent or more.)

Similarly, current law requires a person with first-time conviction for DUI with a blood alcohol content of 0.20 percent to serve a minimum of seven consecutive days and, as a condition of probation, remove litter from public property or roads for 24 hours. The bill clarifies that this provision applies to a person whose blood alcohol content is 0.20 percent or more.