Sen. Hensley accused of hitting ex-wife with car; files bill on divorce with Rep. Hawk

State Sen. Joey Hensley’s ex-wife has obtained an order of protection after contending the Hohenwald Republican hit her twice with his car during a domestic argument, reports WSMV-TV. The senator says Gina Hensley’s allegations in an affidavit are “completely fabricated.”

The Nashville TV station also reports that Sen. Hensley introduced a bill dealing with distribution of property during divorce proceedings. Gina Hensley says the domestic argument came after the senator accused her of taking property that should belong to him.

Gina Hensley also discussed a bill her ex-husband filed eight days prior to the alleged incident, saying a judge may distribute marital property based on who is at fault in a divorce.

“I think it’s very inappropriate,” Gina Hensley said. “I think the legislation has been filed solely due to our divorce.”

Joey Hensley admitted the bill was based on his divorce, but he said he can’t benefit because his divorce is final.

“I just think if someone is at fault, they should not be awarded per se if they’re breaking a marital contract,” he said.

Note: The bill is SB812, filed in the Senate Feb. 11, according to the legislative website. The House companion bill was filed a day later by Rep. David Hawk, R-Greeneville, who was convicted of reckless endangerment in 2013 following an altercation in 2012 with his ex-wife. (Post at the time, HERE.) The measure has not been scheduled for a vote in either chamber.)

The station characterizes the dispute over what happened in the as “a battle of he said, she said that ended with the order of protection forcing the state senator to stay away from his ex-wife.

“They are completely fabricated by my wife,” Joey Hensley said.

“It’s totally true,” Gina Hensley said.

Gina Hensley claims her ex-husband hit her twice with the door of his truck following a domestic argument. She said he accused her of taking personal belongings that weren’t hers.

Joey Hensley said the incident with the truck didn’t happen.

“She was certainly not hit by a vehicle,” he said. “The door did not hit her. Nothing happened.”

But Gina Hensley told the I-Team others saw it happen.

“I have three witnesses that saw the event,” she said. “Their statements are on file at the sheriff’s department.”

A separate story by WSMV-TV has more on the altercation:

According to the order of protection, Hensley’s ex-wife says she is in fear of his anger but had no choice but to call 911 to protect herself and her family.

The order says that on Feb. 18, Hensley’s ex-wife, Gina, said she was moving into her new home in Hohenwald following their divorce when Hensley showed up and claimed she had taken items that did not belong to her.

At some point, she said she was standing by the driver’s side door of Hensley’s car with him behind the wheel.

In the report, Hensley’s ex-wife said, “Joey put his vehicle in reverse and hit me with the door, knocking me (sideways). I yelled out, ‘Stop Joey, you are going to run over me.'”

She claims Hensley then tried to shut the door, hit her again with the door and “Joey then stated he would be back.”

Hensley said it didn’t happen that way.

“She was telling me to leave, so I was trying to leave. She was standing in the open door, and she claimed that the door hit her before I could back out,” he said.

Hensley claims the door did not hit her.

His ex-wife wrote in the order that she called 911 and got the order of protection after, “I had been in fear of Joey’s anger and that his actions would escalate into physical abuse.”

“I’m a good person. I’m a gentle person, never hurt anybody,” Hensley said. “If you read the affidavit, you can see that certainly nothing happened. Certainly not afraid of me. I have three children, we’ve been married 15 years and now are divorced because that’s what my wife chose to do, not what I wanted to do.”