Al Gore reports for Nashville jury duty

Former Vice President Al Gore walked reported for jury duty at the Nashville courthouse Monday morning, reports The Tennessean.

He wore a suit and waited in line with 167 other people called to report, jury coordinator Ronny Nollner said.

For a while, the two-term former vice president went mostly unrecognized.

“One gentleman walked by and shook his hand and said, ‘You never get done with civil duty or civic service,’ ” Trial Court Administrator Tim Townsend recalled. Nollner said some jurors caught on when Gore’s name was called, and Townsend made a face of surprise to show how the woman seated next to the former vice president reacted.

Gore and about 30 others in the jury pool went up for screening in a breach of contract trial before civil Judge Hamilton Gayden. He was dismissed because of a conflict in his schedule if the trial ran long, Townsend said.

“Mr. Gore had to be at a meeting (next) Monday, out of state,” he said.

Gore has a home and office in Nashville. He’s not the only high-profile juror to get called.

“When you’re the jury coordinator for Music City USA, you get a lot of musicians,” Nollner said. He mentioned Amy Grant and musicians from Little Big Town. Even Gov. Phil Bredesen was called (he deferred until he left office), Townsend said.

“Today we had an ex-vice president and a Nobel Peace Prize winner,” Townsend said, mentioning Gore’s 2007 prize for his work on climate change.

Gore brought his lunch to jury duty and had cleared his schedule, a sign he was ready and willing to serve, Townsend said.