Gov. Haslam rated 54th richest among world’s 290 new billionaires; 1,006th richest worldwide

Following up on its earlier estimation that Gov. Bill Haslam became a billionaire (and then some) in 2014, Forbes today in its annual wealth ratings put him at No. 54 in wealth among the world’s 290 people achieving billionaire status for the first time.

Haslam’s net worth in the new report (HERE) has the governor’s net worth pegged at $1.9 billion. That’s considerably less than his brother, Jimmy, who has made the Forbes lists previously and who is now deemed to have a net worth of $2.8 billion.

But the governor is ahead of Michael Jordan, who Forbes says its the most famous member of the new worldwide billionaires club. Jordan is listed at No. 250 in wealth among the 290 new billionaires. Haslam also helped keep the United States in the running for most new billionaires. China led the world with 71; the U.S. second with 57, including Haslam.

In the overall ranking of the world’s richest people, Bill Haslam comes in at 1,006 by Forbes calculation.

Tennessee’s governor gets a mention in the write-up on new billionaires, pretty much repeating what was said in the prior report. The relevant excerpt:

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam also inherited a family fortune and is now the richest elected official in America, worth an estimated $1.9 billion. An heir to the truck stop chain Pilot Flying J, Haslam’s net worth jumped when oil prices plunged. Cheap gas means more people filling up, and a greater chance for profit at highway stops. Haslam’s father founded the $38 billion (sales) company in 1958, and Bill, who has a 15% stake, served as its president from 1995 until 1999. His brother Jimmy, owner of the Cleveland Browns and current CEO of Pilot Flying J, is worth $2.8 billion

The average fortune of this year’s newcomers is $1.8 billion. Altogether, they are worth $518 billion, another record.

Note: Previous post on Bill Haslam getting the Forbes billionaire attention — the $1.9 billion today is a bit down from the $2 billion then — is HERE. A post on Jimmy Haslam’s getting on the list back in 2012 his net worth was only $1.2 billion, is HERE.

Also, The Tennessean pulls out numbers for other wealthy state citizens from the rankings:

HCA co-founder Thomas Frist Jr. and his family lead Tennesseans at No. 174 with a net worth of $7.6 billion. Book distributor Martha Ingram and her family were listed at No. 405 at $4.1 billion, and FedEx CEO Frederick Smith made No. 435 with $3.9 billion.

Other entries include:

No. 663: Jimmy Haslam, CEO of Pilot Flying J, $2.8 billion

No. 894: Brad Kelley, former owner of Commonwealth Brands, $2.1 billion

No. 949; Forrest Preston, sole shareholder of Life Care Centers of America, $2 billion

No. 1,118: Jon Yarbrough, former of owner of Video Gaming Technologies, $1.7 billion