Citing weather, Haslam suspends rules for trucks carrying food, fuel, hay and chicken feed

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam issued three executive orders late Wednesday easing rules that regulate trucks carrying food, fuels, hay and chicken feed during the state’s winter storm situation.

The three executive orders come with the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency having declared earlier that a state of emergency exists in Tennessee because of ice, snow and severe cold weather.

Road conditions have delayed deliveries in some cases and the executive orders suspend hours that commercial vehicles may drive if carrying designated products. For hay, the usual size limitations on truck loads are also suspended. The executive order notes Tennessee is a major producer of hay.

The rules are federal, but include provisions allowing a state governor to suspend them in some situations.

Note: Executive Order No. 43 deals with food and fuels, link HERE; No. 44 deals with hay, link HERE; and No. 45 with chickens and chicken feed, link HERE.