Radio ad contends Kelsey is ‘selling out veterans’ in opposing Insure TN

A group called Heartland Accountability Project is criticizing state Sen. Brian Kelsey for his opposition to Insure Tennessee in a radio ad being aired on Nashville and Memphis stations, according to a spokesman who declined to give details about the group.

The ad text says Germantown Republican Kelsey is “selling out military veterans and their families” who would gain health care coverage through Insure Tennessee.

Here’s the text:

In combat, Americans who served our country have a simple code.

We don’t leave anyone behind.

But, Senator Brian Kelsey is selling out military veterans and their families.

35,000 veterans who do not get benefits from the VA … Kelsey will leave them behind.

20,000 family members of military veterans.

Brian Kelsey says he’ll leave them behind as well.

Kelsey is caving in to pressure from an out of state interest group that doesn’t care about Tennessee.

Kelsey is turning his back on job creation and a fiscally responsible plan that Governor Haslam negotiated with the federal government.

Kelsey supports sending billions of Tennessee tax dollars to liberal states like California and New York.

Brian Kelsey. Caving in to interest group pressure. Against job creation.

Leaving our veterans … behind.


Audio of the ad is HERE.

Note: A reader points out a link indicating that Heartland Accountability Project was incorporated last year in Virginia.