PACs can give more to TN politicians now

Political action committees will be able to donate more to legislative candidates this year than they were last year, thanks to a cost-of-living escalator built into state law, according to the Registry of Election Finance website.

State law provides for an increase in contribution limits each election cycle, based on increases in the Consumer Price Index. For the new year, the maximum PAC contribution to a candidate for the state House will increase by $200, from $7,400 to $7,600. For a state Senate candidate, the increase is $300, from $11,200 to $11,500.

The figures are for each election. Thus, a PAC can give the maximum twice – once for the primary and again for the general election – meaning the increase could be viewed as a $400 increase for House candidates; $600 for Senate candidates.

For individuals, the CPI increase over the past two years wasn’t enough to trigger an upward adjustment in the maximum contribution to a House candidate, which will remain at $1,500 per election. For Senate candidates, however, there is an increase of $100 – from $3,800 to $3,900 per election.