Rep. Brooks a special target in AFP radio ad campaign against Insure Tennessee

A new 60-second radio ad from the Tennessee chapter of the conservative Americans for Prosperity attacks state Rep. Kevin Brooks, R-Cleveland, for supporting Gov. Bill Haslam’s ‘Insure Tennessee’ proposal, reports the Chattanooga TFP. It accuses the House assistant state majority leader of “betraying” a promise to oppose “Obamacare.”

The ad cites Brooks’ support last year of the Stop Obamacare Act and says it was aimed at preventing “Obamacare from destroying Tennessee’s budget.

“But now,” the ad says, “Brooks is urging fellow legislators to vote for Obamacare. Kevin Brooks promised to fight against Obamacare. Now he’s fighting for it. Why is Kevin Brooks betraying us?”

AFP-Tennessee Executive Director Andrew Ogles said in an interview Thursday the group is running the ad because Brooks “is out there working to get votes so we just feel his constituents should know about it.”

Brooks said he’s surprised by the attack, which is airing in his home town.

“I really haven’t had enough time” to decide whether he’s backing fellow Republican Haslam’s proposal, Brooks said. “That’s what we’re setting aside the special session to actually have these discussions, which is why I’m surprised that anyone would take a stance or make a statement in the press about my decision which has yet to even be announced.”

Brooks said what he has stated are “four very simple things. The current plan is Tennessee unique. It is Tennessee specific. It has no Tennessee tax dollars and the Tennessee Hospital Association has agreed to pay for any additional costs. And I guess that’s what they’re saying I’m trying to get people to vote for it.”

…AFP-Tennessee is also airing a more general radio ad attacking Haslam’s plan in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis media markets as well as select other markets, Ogles said.

That ad doesn’t mention anyone by name. It says among other things that “Obamacare has been a disaster. Expanding Obamacare in Tennessee will be the same.”

The spot singling out Brooks, narrated by former conservative talk radio host Steve Gill, is the only one mentioning any legislator by name, Ogles said.