Joe Carr starts radio talk show

News release from Joe Carr:
Nashville, TN – Former TN State Representative and Senate Candidate Joe Carr announces that he will be hosting a new 1-hour radio show on 1510 WLAC in Nashville every weekday morning from 6-7am. The new show, starting January 12, will focus on Tennessee and National politics as well as all things Tennessee. Carr will leverage his three terms as a State Rep and state-wide campaign to unseat an entrenched party boss to provide insight into the political process, the complicated relationships between politicians and special interests and how regular citizens can participate in the process.

Joe Carr said, “This peek-behind-the-curtain radio show will give listeners an unprecedented view on their lawmakers as well as political happenings throughout Tennessee. There aren’t many who know more about how the average Tennessean is affected by politics than I do—and I plan to pull the curtain back and shed a little light on the process.”

Carr is well known for crafting and passing some of the toughest immigration legislation in the nation as well as introducing multiple, much-needed reforms on Capitol Hill. Additionally, Carr has hosted the second most attended Conservative political fundraiser, T-Bones & Politics, for several years and will bring that same aggressive, insightful and entertaining format to middle Tennessee’s airwaves.

While a life-long Republican, Carr is a committed Constitutional Conservative that doesn’t mind taking on his own party when they stray from the Constitution and those conservative principles. “If you mess with the bull that is Joe Carr, you will get the horns.” Those words were written about Joe by Nashville Scene political writer Steve Cavendish.

Carr added, “I’m living the American dream and I will not stand by quietly while politicians, political parties and special interests destroy the idea that is America. Over the years of partnering with my fellow Tennesseans to bring sanity back to Capitol Hill, I’ve been blessed to meet with thousands of people across the state. That’s why I believe I have a unique perspective on how people want to be a part of the process.”

Founding sponsors of the show are The Beaman Automotive Group, HealthMark Ventures, Quality Tire and Navigation Advertising.